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Ian Frazier is a master of both distilled insight and utter nonsense.

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First, every woman, I don't care who she is, prefers her son to her husband.'' After all, she created him.

It’s almost as if you subvert the whole authorial-expectations game.

Each time you sort of negotiate a new contract with the reader, a means of tackling a subject in depth without setting yourself up as an authority. For some reason, when I feel I am becoming an expert, I sabotage the whole thing.

But there's more to the piece than that: there's a sinister anarchism here, as well as several surprising dramatic developments. Perelman, or his wildly inventive colleague Veronica Geng, Mr.

That's how all the best pieces work in this wickedly funny collection, most of which first appeared in The New Yorker. Frazier often takes off from an item he's come across in print or from a coupling he's dreamed up that is as provocative as courting one's mother.