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Writes Benevolent Dictator Scotto, "There is no doubt that it gets better & better each year." Details.This biennial academic conference is spearheaded by Daniel Cardoso, Portugal's leading poly researcher and activist.Recently, Newt Gingrich found himself in national headlines that suggested the GOP presidential hopeful was an unlikely member of this group after his ex-wife, Marianne, alleged he had once asked her for an open marriage.Marianne told ABC's Nightline that Newt informed her of his six-year affair with congressional aide, Callista Bisek, now his third wife, and wanted permission to continue seeing her.Her Tampa boyfriends are dating not only her but each others' wives. But Smith, 35, believes that some people, like herself, are not meant to be monogamous.They are polyamorous, meaning they have more than one long-term relationship going on at once.

We have a regular monthly meet on the second Tuesday of the month.We have since grown into a community, due to the participation of our members.Nanaimo Poly 101 100-150 Members Location: Nanaimo, British Columbia, V9R 0A1, Canada Website: Phone: N/A Facebook: Poly101 Twitter: N/A Yahoo Groups Email: N/A Polyamory discussion group which meets Nanaimo on the 3rd Wednesday or Sunday of each month.This will be the fourth year for Endless Poly Summer, the largest of the quarterly seasonal poly retreats that Sarah Taub, Michael Rios, Indigo Dawn and friends produce at Abrams Creek.These aim to build, over five days, an enduring intimate community.