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This Trike Runs Like New and has been Maintained Properly. - For Sale (11-15-08) Cuyuna Engine Also Includes Spare Engine Two Props with one Variable Pitch Both Control Axis on the Stick "This plane was built by the person who builds for Kolb in Kentucky. The aircraft sold today through a similar ad I ran in Barnstormers. If you don't need some of the accessories, I will remove and discount fairly! Please, email serious inquiries only to [email protected] you may call me at (719)221-5992. Trike Available in Oakland, CA area until May 25th and in Denver, CO thereafter. It could be a Light Sport, Experimental Homebuilt or Ultralight Trainer I can email more pictures. UP TO 10 HOURS OF FLYING LESSONS IN CHALLENGER WITH C. The contact is a Broker who asked me to remove the advertising of the airplane since he was buying it for resale. This package also comes with a Trailer and Wing Storage Tube and 3 Six Gallon Fuel Jugs Phil "I got a lot of replies; and 3 or 4 who were very interested.25 hp 172 cc Black Devil Engine It was made by Michael Theeke at Flyhard Trikes. He built it for a person who could not use his legs. I do appreciate the service that you render to folks like me and I will pass along my recommendations to anyone I know that is in the market to buy or sell. Frank Alexander AIR COMMAND ELITE GYROCOPTER - For Sale(05-15-06) Scroll View Rotax 532 Engine - 65 HP - Dual Carb Approximately 200 Hrs TT Warp Drive Propeller 23 ft Dragon Wings Rotor Tall Redundant Mast Wunderlich Pre-Rotator Hydraulic Brakes Rotor Brake Fiberglass Enclosure Wheel Pants Seat Tank Cover Auxiliary Fuel Tanks Instrument Panel Includes: ASI, Engine Tach, Water Temp, Compass, Turn-Bank Indicator, Hobbs Meter, and Rotor Tach Custom Tilt Trailer Included T_BIRD I - Single Place Sport Plane - For Sale (04-20-06) Scroll Views New Rotax 503 Engine - TT 75hrs since rebuild Power Fin Prop In-cockpit Trim Toe Brakes (Hydraulic) New Muffler and Engine Mounts Upgraded Wings Newer Sails AN Hardware Ready to Fly! I will send you wing photo's and video you won't believe. I have over 2000 hours hanggliding and 700 in trikes. Thank you very much for your help." Charles Boccaccio MAXAIR SUPERDRIFTER - For Sale (04-25-05) Single View Fully Restored (see photo) Rotax 912U 80hp Engine New Paint, New Sails and Recently Assembled Equipped for Banner Towing (3 lines) Includes Full Lotus Floats for Amphib Operations and Complete Other Drifter (no engine) for Parts 2003 QUICKSILVER SPRINT MXII on Full Lotus Floats - Two Place Sport Plane - For Sale (05-23-05) Scroll Views Blue Head Rotax 582 Oil Injected w/ 4 Blade Warp Drive Prop Updated Mechanical Retract System and Elevator Trim Equipped with BRS Emergency Chute, ELT, Radio, Helmet, 2 Headsets, Splash Guards, Paddles, Spare Air and Overnight Pilot Seat Pack Instrumentation includes: EIS, ALT, ASI and GPS Maticuliously cared for and always hangered. I even heard from a man in Holland who works for an European Airline and was going to ship to Holland!With options from Sibling, Pretty Little Thing and Missguided we've got all budgets covered!Sahara was pictured seductively smoking a cigarette while posing rather uncomfortably on her back in a narrow stairwell.

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