Selected value not updating

Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed?Expected: The displayed "selected" value should change from "hello" to "hola" Actual: The displayed value does not change, and it does not match any of the dropdown contents. This is affecting Chrome's new Settings page, value should change to "hola" is because that's the first (default) item, not because it corresponds to the position of the previously-selected value. While maintaining selection position might be helpful, in other cases it could induce users to commit data values they didn't expect.

These values look like an innocent space, but actually they are [email protected] I'd like to pursue a fix in this general direction, but wanted to flag this in case you had other suggestions. I think it’s reasonable to at least provide a reference implementation for how to do that, so I’ve taken a shot here: It’s unfortunate to not fix the underlying problem, but would such a workaround be acceptable? Unfortunately there are more dropdown related issues affecting us.This issue is still worth fixing for the remaining of Polymer users, but it is now a lower priority for us. When you're databinding in Page_Load, you're essentially also resetting the selecteditem. The page_load event fires, then you're Selected Index Changed event fires, and THEN you redirect to the next page.