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His fondness of “blackness” is accepted until he meets Wright who he begins to fall in love with.

However, other students at school is not so comfortable with the new interracial couple on campus.

Considering that most movies featuring interracial lovers include one white partner, it was a welcome change to explore how two minorities would handle the ups and downs of cross-cultural romance in 'Wedding' -- even if it was handled in a stereotypical fashion to milk laughs out of the audience.

The most common pairing is a black man with a white girl and the black guys are often blessed with enormous cocks.The pairing of Julie Delpy with Chris Rock was an interesting one.Marion and Mingus are not just a interracial couple, but one of mixed nationalities who live in a tiny New York apartment overtaken by Marion’s strange, crazed and unwittingly racist French family.The two together decide to bring down the phoney investment company that is responsible for robbing millions from its victims.Monster’s Ball – Billy Bob Thornton plays the role of a prison guard trying to re-evaluate his life and in the meantime he meets Halle Berry.