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) 490.362488 T:1491071984 WARNING: Previous line repeats 14 times. 490.362732 T:1491071984 ERROR: CAddon Install Job[loguploader]: MD5 mismatch after download special://home/addons/packages/loguploader-0.1.0 490.910309 T:1507849200 WARNING: CRender Manager:: Wait For Buffer - timeout waiting for buffer on multiple occasions.27 September 2016, AM Hi Conn, Can you please confirm: 1. database and let me know the results: select * from artefact_installed; select * from blocktype_installed; 3. Updated list of available packages in /var/opkg-lists/attitude_adjustment. I think I've resolved the block_instance problem, by removing the UNIQUE index before I do the upgrade, but then it just fails on something else (see the error log posted previously).

Could not attach the files in /etc/opkg FYI: I'm in California.The first problem was with the block_instances table, so I have had to change the index on that table to INDEX instead of UNIQUE. Create skipped Table module_event_subscription exists. Create skipped Fix up auth_clean_expired_password_requests cron Add 'feedbacknotify' option to 'group' table Delete leftover data which are not associated to any institution Delete leftover custom layouts / usr registration Check blocktype 'text' is installed Allow anonymous pages Add 'allowarchives' column to the 'group' table Add 'submittedstatus' column to 'view' table Need to update the submitted status for any existing views that are submitted Add 'submittedstatus' column to 'collection' table Need to update the submitted status for any existing collections that are submitted Adding the export queue / submission tables Table export_queue exists. Thanks 23 September 2016, PM Hi Conn, The block_instance bug is a known issue and has been fixed Mahara 16.04.4.Now, when i try to run the upgrade it says: Failed to install (check logs for xmldb errors) The error logs weren't working either, so I've had to add some code in just to get them to log, and this is what it#s saying: Filling in level-1 child artefact paths Filling in level-2 child artefact paths Filling in level-3 child artefact paths Filling in level-4 child artefact paths Done filling in child artefact paths Create 'objectionable' table. Create skipped Migrating objectionable records to new format Drop constraint on 'view_access'Update 'view_access' accesstype Add 'artefact_access' table. Create skipped Add module related tables Table module_installed exists. https://bugs.launchpad.net/mahara/ bug/1613135 I'd recommend using that version.This command will (over time) cause irrepairable damage to your system.There is no way to correct this damage other than to re-install OSMC from scratch.