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") My job was basically to make popcorn and stay out of the way, but there were always a lot of scripts flying around, so I would secretly grab one when I wasn't busy.I was fascinated with the writing process and seeing the evolution of a sketch and how it would change up to the minute before it went on the air. Oh, this is worse than being fifteen again and waiting for my first date with Trevor Moore. Kerry sees the restaurant door open and Rodney emerge. “Not really.” Another bleep from her own phone, and they both burst out laughing. I’m supposed to have met him here for a meal and he’s been waiting for his mum – my ex-wife – to give him a lift. “Ah, well, looks like we’re both destined to give the Men Wo a miss tonight.” “Well, we needn’t… you know, we could have a meal together…” he mumbles. ” Mark offers Kerry his arm, which she thinks is very charming, and they walk towards the Taj Mahal dodging puddles. “A friend really did arrange a similar meeting and watched from afar to see her date arrive. Unfortunately she was not so lucky as to meet someone like Mark instead.” Read another Twist In The Tale now…His hands are now in his pockets, his shoulders hunched, and he looks very damp and miserable. Now that would be hilarious, both of us waiting here for each other! Kerry knows that online daters often post over-flattering photos and descriptions of themselves. She steals a glance over Text Man’s shoulder and is relieved to see Rodney enter the restaurant. “Now that I can see you better, I really do think I know you… I’m Mark Weston and I’m pretty sure you’re Kerry Collins! Trevor Moore was born in Charlottesville, Virginia in April 1980.He is known for being a founding member of the comedy troupe The Whitest Kids U' Know.Drunk Texts to Myself (Video short) (performer: "Founding Fathers Rap", "The Pope Rap (Modern Day Profit)", "What About Mouthwash?") / (writer: "Founding Fathers Rap", "The Pope Rap (Modern Day Profit)", "What About Mouthwash?

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He is part of the comedy troupe The Whitest Kids U’ Know (also a television program).

“Awful,” she replies, staring back across the road and hoping she hasn’t missed Rodney. Text Man may not be her date, but she wonders if he is meeting someone else at the Men Wo. Naomi said only a cheapskate would eat at the Men Wo, and I’m beginning to agree with her. It’s alright for Naomi with her perfect family and rich husband.

The windows are steaming up; the red lanterns look blurred. Oh, those heady days ten years ago when I thought I had the world at my feet and the man of my dreams in my bed…

Since becoming a resident of the great Northwoods, Mr.

Moore has played in many different venues with many different people. Moore’s set-lists vary but are firmly rooted in the classic, acoustic rock of the 1970’s by artists such as Neil Young, Pink Floyd, America, David Bowie, and a host of others.